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Welcome to Motorcycle Hobbies! - by Geoff Moate

Located in West Yorkshire, my main hobby is motorcycles, I enjoy both spannering and riding motorcycles, I started off with a Yamaha FS1E (Fizzy) when I was 16, I had a lot fun on this little machine and could get nearly 50 on the flat and 55 down hill, this required regular decoking and new spark plugs, at 17 I moved to 4 wheels and passed my driving test but always kept a bike for off road, I had a very modified Suzuki A100 and then later a Suzuki TS250 ER.

A few years later in 1986 I was on the road with an almost new MZ125 for just £125, it wasn't the quickest thing I'd ridden, the kick start was on the left, and it suffered electrical problems and soon I was looking at other bikes, I found a very nice 1986 Honda CB125T Superdream at Eddie Wrights bike shop in Leeds, they offered me over double what I paid the the MZ and a deal was done, they said I could collect the bike in a couple of day's. I always remember on my way to swap over, the MZ cut out on me in protest and I ended up having to push it the last half mile.

The CB125 was my 1st Honda and it was a great little bike, I passed my test and clocked up 45'000 miles before moving up to a CBX550

Current bikes - 2002 Yamaha XJ900S diversion, 1980 Honda CX500A, 2009 Honda CBF600SA, and 2015 Honda AFS Wave 110i

1980 CX500A

2002 Yamaha XJ900S Diversion
2009 Honda CBF600SA
2015 Honda AFS Wave 110i

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